(This site is an archive of a site created by Fox television.)

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I forgot my username and password. How can i retrieve them?


It appears my client log-on isn't working! I'm in the airport waiting to board a plane and I really need to contact you folks...

I need a password. I was wondering where I go about registering?

To whom it may concern,

Please accept my resume for a position as Media Relations/Communications
Manager with e-com-con.

While you may not have any relevant opportunities currently, I would
appreciate your keeping my resume on file should something come along.

I should point out that I have worked onsite as the media relations point
person at Microsoft Canada for four and a half years which entails a major
portion of my six years of experience in hi-tech PR. Prior to that, I was an
editor on several publications for more than four years.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply and the
opportunity to discuss my abilities in person.

Thank you for your consideration.

Is Burt Lancaster on staff?

I'm doing some reasearch on cutting edge processors for business school and I bumped into your site
And while I was under the impression that an Octium might be developed by Intel, I was stunned to find a reference to a zero-g car ...
Besides it violating several laws of physics, I can't escape the impression that your site is a joke-site.
So unless you found a Star Trek tricorder some Enterprise crew left behind, I'm curious to see how you expect to pull that one off !!!

Who are you guys?

But what the heck is this about?

To whom it may concern. I'm interested in finding out more about this
position. With my background in giant media companies unable to find
direction on the internet, my ability to kiss up to whomever necessary while
stabbing colleagues in the back, and my ninja-like collating skills, I feel
I am an excellent candidate. And I can curse like a sailor in French. I look
forward to hearing from you.

To Whom it May concern:

There have been a statistically significant number of twin births born to
lower class white females in a small nearby town in Tennessee. In each of
these births, one of the twins have died, under suspicious circumstances.

I'm aware of a group, the First Church of Elvis, a fanatical cult devoted to
memory of the late rock star. They have stolen the wart cut off Elvis
Presley in 1957 and preserved by his doctors. I believe they are
attempting to clone Presley. The deaths of these babies serve to recreate
the tragic loss of Elvis's twin brother Jesse.

This is worth your further investigation. Please contact me for further


I can design antigrav systems. Let me work for you :)

This is quite an impressive website. As a professional web designer, I'm impressed by the level of detail you went into to create this spoof website. Ain't It Cool News spilled the story about e-com-con and its connection to the Lone Gunmen show yesterday. Eagerly awaiting its arrival.

nice site, nearly had me.

think the company party photo's gave it.

keep up the good work.


Do you have any more information on the Anti Grav Car. Any estimated specs? Drawings? Anything that would encourage placing an order? Price guess-estimate? Requirements for user? Such as pilots license, etc.?

pure genius.

Hello, I'm interested to learn more about the highly esteemed Gizli
Dosyalar's Flying car prototype. Such as, how is it going to fit 10,000
cds in it? If E-Com-Con was truly all about speed. You would have put a
mp3 player in it with a 10,000 gigabyte memory hard drive. Also, that
could have a satellite hook up for endless music downloading. Forget
CDs, how primitive. You might as well say the new flying car is going to
have a 10,000 Record playing juke box built in the trunk. Also what kind
of anti gravity devices are you using to make it fly? How is it going to
be powered? I promise i'm not a spy. I know a cheep way to power it
endlessly. By using kilned white gold dust. I've mastered a way to
produce it in my underground laboratory. I've kept it secret for fear of
ridicule from the power hungry free mason oil companies.
I've many forward thinking ideas, much experience with cutting edge
technology, and many patents pending. Even some top secret government
inventions that i'm not at liberty to disclose at this time. I would
very much like to become a part of the E-Com-Con team. So hire me!

love your website! you should post correspondences with people who think
it's a real company somewhere so we can all laugh at them.


Who is the 'Seven Days in May' fan?

Dear Sir or Madam--

I stumbled upon your website and read with much interest your highly
accomplished list of products and products-in-development.

I have a project of my I own I feel you might be interested in. I have been
working for years on a device I call the Polydystomat, which converts dream
images into 3 dimensional, gelatanous confections--known in today's parlance
as "gummi candy."

Perhaps we can arrange a meeting to discuss the particulars of my astounding
accomplishment. I look forward to hearing from you.


I'm looking for investment opportunities for my child's college
fund(around $ 25,000). If I wanted to invest all of it, where do I send
the money?


Your web site is hilarious.
I work in the telecommunications industry, and I see
all these adds on TV from companies like cisco,
lucent/avaya, verizon/bell atlantic, williams, etc,
and I deal with these companies all day and they are
idoits. What your web site needs are pictures of
children in third world countries, with some caption
about some bull shit on how your technology will unite
the world. Biometric Detection Spheres? I can't even
get cell phone coverage at my desk.

This has to be a lark? A little Christmas joke for Chris Carter? Or did the creative minds at TXF and the LGM have a little too much egg nog?
Great site, I just don't buy it!

CGB Spender recommended your company to me.

Hi, I'm Silvia from Spain...I had to say it..There's something really
familiar to me in this page which remember me the X-files :P ...Betty
Templetton, Dr. Ishimaru, Crissy Giorgio,Jean-Francois Souhaite, not even
mention Pendrell and Suzanne Modeski :), I'm starting loving this page
(lol), with offices in Bellflower? Oregon?.mm well then take care there, Fox
Mulder dissapeared in those forest ^_^ , that's an Alien abduction

Well Merry Christmas and Trust no one.

Things Which sound to me The X Files:

Pendrell. "So stay tuned."

E-Com-Con is a leading global technology corporation, headquartered in
Vienna, Virginia, with branch offices in Van Nuys, California, Los Angeles,
California, Hoboken, New Jersey, Libertyville, IL, Bellflower, California,
and a satellite office in Paris, France.

Suzanne Modeski previously held the position of Executive Assistant to
E-Com-Con CEO Dr. Daniel Pendrell

. Says Pendrell, "Suzanne really knows how to work a room and will no doubt
soon be working a few for us in Washington."

In the photos of the Chrismas party ..appear a girl called..Chrissy Giorgio
(from the pilot?) ,and another one called Betty Templeton (fight club) mm
I've heard those names before.. :)

In products....: X-OS: eXtremeTM Operating , sound to me like X official

In History ....: longtime friend and partner Dr. Zama Ishimaru (from 731 and
Nisei I believe)

In Profiles ...look what i found in Suzanne profile : Suzanne held a
variety of positions at a number of companies, among them a stint as a news
anchor for KHOU in Houston, Texas, the local FOX affiliate.

Suzanne enjoys swimming, hiking, and jogging on beaches .... I Swear I read
this in a David Duchovny article!!

In Investor info: Here i Found the key!!! :) ..did you see the final
quantity from Balance? .....$10,130

this is pretty funny.. :), the way pendrell sign is quite similar to
David Duchovny one ;)

And if you click in Forgot your password..nothing happen :)

did i miss soemthing? ..I'm sure of it!

alrighty then, what's the story with this craptacular site? a clever viral marketing campaign for some hokey TV show? a bunch of bored java coders? lay it on me! i want some info dammit.

Daniel Pendrell? Suzanne Modeski? Gizli Dosyalar? Are you intentionally
only appealing to X Files fans? :)


Ok so this is a fake website to coincide with The Lone Gunmen show which is
coming next year right? So the names in the employees section, will they be
featured in the show? What is the resume thing..can you get your name on the
website or on the show by submitting? This is really a cool idea.

Good stuff, very funny.
--- Bob


A question and a comment.

Question: Why does the Zero-Gravity Automobile Initiative have a 10,000 disc
CD changer? Do you know anyone that owns that many CDs? Besides, by 2005
everyone will be using digital MP3s, just put one of your processors into
the vehicle and store the songs on a hard drive.

Comment: If this technology really exists, why are you not getting any
press? Your company should be the headline story on any number of
technology television shows.

By the way, just in case you are a real company, I have attached my resume.
Your claims are quite fantastic.

Something perhaps that you could help me with. Your CEO, Daniel Pendrell,
happens to be a special agent from the X-Files. Even more interesting,
your child prodigy Gizli Dosyalar happens to translate literally to "Secret
Files". It is also the name of the X-Files television show that runs in

You've got me really curious... what's your story? You seem to have gone
through a lot of trouble building that web site...


You have a very interesting website, and impressive products. Is your
company traded on any North American stock exchange. If so, what exchange,
and what is your symbol.

Sign me up for the anti-gravity thingamabob!

I'm not sure who gets these e-mails, but I'm curious to see how many
you'll be sifting through in March......

This tie-in is much more bankable than the "Blair Witch",
I hope you all have much, much more success than the aforementioned "Blair

Good luck, and nice work!

Hi !!! I know who you are, i've reconize the name of Susane Modeski!! It's very clever to do that, i think you want to do the same thing than The blair witch project but i think that not a good film, with a reputation of xfiles, you can make the spin off name lone gummen with no pub!!!
The man who has find you!!!

nice page, it looks like it took a lot of work.

but what's the point?
is it just for the thrill of fooling people?

My Dear Doctor Pendrell,
An Octium computer sounds swell.
A flying car...
would take me far.
You can damn the Lone Gunmen to hell.

You guys X-Files fans?

Love the site. I laughed my ass off.

Great Idea for the web site!

Thanks for taking the time to read my resume.

Is this a real company or some made up company for a movie?
I recall the words "E-com-con" from the movie "Seven Days in May".
Is there a relationship?

Tell me more, be descrete.

I've heard so many great things about this company! I'm composing a resume
to send to you in hopes of future employment. Keep up the good work!

I would like to be added to any company newsletters you might have.


Which series is this site going to be about?
It is scully and mulder on the main page, isn't it?


Is there anything back there?



My Resume for Your Consideration,

Lee Harvey

Dear Octium:

I would like additional information for your Octium IV Processor.

Additonally I will require a client name and password so I could access
you site.

With Best Regards,


Your site was limited to the information about the Octium Chip and the XOS.
I'm definately interested in them both. What hardware does the XOS run on
and how much is it?

I've been trying out different OS's for the PC (i.e linux and BEOS). None
that I wholeheartedly like so far. I truly would like to check out your OS.


I do market research on corp web sites. Kudos. This is better than some of the sites owned by the consulting firms themselves. (Though I wouldn't have menitoned anything about 10Q filings for a pre IPO firm...)

I was told that this is a promotional site for the new series "The Lone
Gunmen". If it's not, I'm sorry, but if it is, then this is great. I
can't wait for the show to air. I'm a huge fan of "The X Files", and the
Lone Gunmen. This website is cool, and good luck with the show.


What have you done with the *real* Susanne Modeski?

Poet-terrorist for a better society

Please find attached my resume for your perusal. I am interested in the
position of Executive Assistant to Gizli Dosyalar in your Paris
(Sattelite) office. You should know that my previous jobs have given me
access to very sensitive information (including , but not limited to,
personnel files and other documentation) and so I have learned the art
of discretion. You should know that I am extremely enthusiastic and love
to experience new challenges. I hope to hear from you soon.

I found your site at the HAVEN and though I find it cute I would like to
understand it better. Are the references to promote the new Lone Gunman show
or the Xfiles? I hope you get a lot of email and good luck with whatever this
is. Les

Hey I just wanted to let you know that I think e-com-con needs a new
branch office in Geneva, Iowa. Much of the midwest is under-represented in
the e-commerce world. You may be asking yourself how can I help your
company. Well let me please take a moment of your time to explain. I have
seen the pictures of your office party for the launch of e-com-con and I
feel that I have the necessary dance skills and party attitude to be a
leader at your company. I can forward you the necessary resume and
background material so you can integrate me into your company as quickly
as possible. I would like my title to be Director of Party Coordination.

Suzanne Modeski, Cami Schroeder, Betty Templeton---were all once characters in X-files' episodes. The name "Dr. Zama Ishimaru" is a combination of two character names played by Robert Ito in two episodes of "The X-files". "Daniel Pendrell" is a combination of two characters names, both characters had a crush on Scully.
what is going on??? flying cars???
if this is a company run by "The Lone Gunmen", can I apply for a job??

hey does your site have anything to do with x-files??? because suzanne
modeski and daniel pendrell are characters on the x-files!!!! what is going

i love the X-Files references... Pendrell....Suzanne Modeski....
I think many of us have already figured out the E-com *con* lol I hope this
is the Lone Gunman Series precursor that all of us X-Philes think it is. :)
Take care


LOL.. tell me this is the new Lone Gunmen related site-- otherwise send me
an Octium 4. Is that right? Are they a THING or a CONCEPT?


Just wondering... what is your website about and for? Is this actually a
real company, or some kind of XFiles/Lonegunmen spoof type thing. I'm
getting such a kick out of all of the references in there, such as Pendrell,
Modeski and Ishimaru. Great work!!

Is it true that the Octium IV is keeping tabs on
people over the Internet?
Eve Harlow

P.S. I've got your chip.

Dear web site owner,
I just came across your web site whilst surfing the internet and decided to take a venture. Whist browsing your page I noticed something quite uncanny with your company employees' names. They seem to have the same names as characters that have appeared on the television show "The X Files"in past years. For example Suzanne Modeski, Daniel Pendrell and Dr Zama Ishimaru. They also bare a striking physical resemblance to these characters also. What I'm wanting to ask is this. Is this web site some kind of promotion for the new X Files spinoff series "The Lonegunmen"? An answer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

I was inquiring about your job openings. If at all possible, could I be sent
an application?

Dana Sculder


My name is Dr.Moomoo. I am looking to buy a large portion of a major
corporation. I have some 30 billion to invest intially but can aqcuire more
if need be. Please let me know how you would feel about this, and if you
could provide me with any more info.

Very Interested,

Where is the Octium IV chip available for purchase, and how much is it??

To whom it may concern: RE: Ductless Cooling Systems.

We are most interested in your revolutionary ductless
cooling systems. We would request by return of mail
more information on their specifications and terms and

FYI, I was directed to this site by my assistant, John
Houndett (two t's). He would like to me to pass on the
information, that if you receive any correspondence
from one F.Mulder, to please forward said
correspondence to us, (where this does not violate
federal privacy laws), as he is no longer connected
with our association, until February at least.

Thank you for your time.

Kersh (AD).

Your site is perhaps the most sublime, entertaining, and well constructed
parody I have ever seen. Parody? Commentary? I'm not sure about word
choice, but I'd like to order an Octium processor if possible. I'm
currently a test subject in the beta trials of the Biometric Detection
Spheres, so you can draw funds directly from my account (as long as I stay
away from microwaves today). My version of PINE supports Biometric
Verification, and I have fingerprinted myself between the following
brackets [ ]

Pendrell, Ishimaru, Modeski... Watch X-Files, much? LOL Great website!!

Someone posted a link to your site on a message board... just had to give
you my virtual applause. This is the greatest thing I've come across in
quite awhile. Thanks for the laugh!! I definitely appreciate all the work
that went into it!

I want the other actress who plays Suzanne Modeski! She has the charisma!

To whom it may concern at
I stopped by your site on the advice of a fellow E-Group member, and we are very confused as to your company's mission. The striking similarities between it and the television show "The X-Files" are suprising, and we wondered if you are an actual company or merely an additional site to support the reality concept of the Lone Gunmen spinoff show. Clarification on this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.

Very cool. Hope the show does well.


Who are you people, and what is your connection with 1013 Productions?


Dear e-com-con,

I have just returned from your interesting site and I'm impressed. In fact,
you could color me impressed if there was an actual color called
"impressed" (Maybe that could be your next project! Why should Crayola
create all the colors?) Anyhoo, I'm a man in search for work and I want to
work for you! I want to be part of a company that is building a hovercar! To
quote the young and foolish, that's very "kewl"!

I really don't believe in resumes. They are againist my religion so to
speak. Let me instead tell you about myself. My given name is Oscar Blotnik,
but I go by the name "Blotto". It's my stage name. I'm a circus fat man.
Actually I was a circus fat man until the bigtop bosses turned nazi on me
and fired my large heinie. I won't go into the details, but it wasn't my
fault! Sometimes tragedies happen. There's nothing you can do about it
except pick up the experimental cotton candy and go on. Did I learn my
lesson? Sure, I did. Elephant ears and poodle meat just don't mix.

Here'e my stats! I'm thirtysomething (Just like the sadly cancelled TV show!
I wonder how Elliot and Nancy are doing?)and I weight between five hundred
and six hundred pounds. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I can bleach my
hair if you perfer chunky, blonde guys! I'm as healthy as a horse! (Don't
believe my doctors!)I'm a good worker if the work is easy and simple. I'm
good at sitting and watching television. I can drink beer pretty well. I get
along with people pretty well. Especially with the babes. I'm a babe magnet,
in fact. I'm sure that can come in handy with your company!

I'll take whatever job you throw at me! I'm not choosy! I can start whenever
you need me (And you do need me! Trust me on that one!) I will furnish my
own coffee table and I would like an office near the john.(Bladder issues)

I hope to hear from you soon!


p.s. I have an idea about hoverpants. Interested?